Groove Subaru Silverthorne, your Silverthorne Subaru Repair provider believes that it is crucial for you to maintain your vehicle well. Doing so helps it run better, last longer and have a higher resale value. To make sure you are giving your car all the care it needs, consider using a maintenance schedule and a checklist. All Subarus come with a scheduled maintenance plan that can be found in your owners manual, however, even if your truck or car does not have a recommended maintenance guide, you can create one following these generic rules.

Most professionals agree that you should change an engine's oil every three thousand miles or three months, whichever comes first. Many synthetic oil manufacturers claim that if you use their product, you can avoid making oil changes as often. Just remember, an engine will be ruined if it is not properly lubricated. No matter what type of oil you use, it needs to be regularly replaced.  And if you are one who likes to take care of the simple maintenance yourself, stop by Groove Subaru Silverthorne and get your genuine Silverthorne car parts from our knowledgeable parts team. 

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Next to lubrication, proper cooling is most important for engine performance. Because the coolant in your radiator becomes dirty, it loses its efficiency over time. You should always keep coolant levels at the appropriate amount. Every twenty five to fifty thousand miles, you should have your radiator flushed. The flushing process expels all the old and dirty coolant using a special coolant flush machine. Once the radiator is refilled, your engine will stay cooler.

It is also important to flush out your vehicle's transmission. Transmission fluid does not drain very effectively, and therefore needs to be flushed out. This cleans the transmission case of any metal flakes that may damage the transmission over time. A professional should perform this procedure. It requires the use of a transmission flush machine (similar to the coolant flush machine). It needs to be done every fifty thousand miles.  As one of your premier Silverthorne Car Repair center, Groove Subaru Silverthorne is equipped to handle this process for you.

In addition to these fairly large maintenance requirements, you should also check for oil leaks, examine window washer fluid levels, and test tire pressure. Your mechanic will notify you of any replacements that you should make. Bi-monthly tune-ups are also recommended to keep your vehicle operating at its peak. Keep your car well maintained and it will last a very long time.

If you think that you are in need of an extra hand or a technician that is Subaru factory certified and capable of any repair, feel free to stop by our Subaru service department at Groove Subaru Silverthorne; one of the most knowledgeable Silverthorne Subaru dealerships for Subaru Repairs in Silverthorne.
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