One of the iconic all wheel drive performance machines of it's time, the Subaru WRX leans heavily on world renowned rally performance and excellence. For all it's rally proven history however, Subaru looks to be changing the focus of the new WRX. The new 2017 Subaru WRX updates include a host of small improvements that improve an already incredible combination of performance and styling.

Although most of these 2017 Subaru WRX updates won't be huge ones, they look to shift the focus of the WRX and STI. Some of these changes will round out functionality, helping more average car buyers to enjoy and appreciate everything that the WRX brings to the table. Here's an indepth look at the various 2017 Subaru WRX updates for the new all wheel drive performer.

2017 Subaru WRX updates

Performance - The steady boxer layout of the turbocharged Subaru engine has been a huge part of the WRX success. To this extent, Subaru isn't looking to change much and who can blame them? The turbocharged boxer will still be paired with several power train options, from the six speed manual transmission to CVT transmission options.

WRX vs STI - As the flagship STI goes, there's several changes from the WRX. Exclusive performance options such as Active Torque Vectoring and Multi-Mode Vehicle Dynamics Control give the STI the ultimate edge in performance. Other performance upgrades include a Brembo brake system that were previously limited to nicer trim models. 

Infotainment - Subaru's Starlink system is getting an upgrade from their previously standard 6.2-inch display. Now standard for the 2017 model year is Subaru's 7.0 inch display that combines the best of infotainment features and specifications. It's another way that Subaru is appealing to the average car shopper, instead of the performance enthusiast.


Safety - Part of the 2017 Subaru WRX updates also include standard features like automatic headlights. Upgraded headliners and interior elements also give the new 2017 WRX the best combination of safety and performance. Paired to the Subaru Eyesight system, there's little doubt that Subaru is putting their best effort forward to develop and market the WRX as a more viable option for most car buyers.

Price points - Adding to the 2017 calendar year, the WRX will still come with 3 trims starting at the price point of $26,695. Stepping it up to the premium STI model will increase the base price to $35,695. 

Overall changes - When looking at the latest improvements included in these 2017 Subaru WRX updates, it's easy to see Subaru's strategy. By increasing safety and infotainment systems and making the WRX easier to drive and enjoy, Subaru is looking to increase appeal for most car buyers. With the inclusion of CVT transmission choices for the 2017 WRX, it's fair to say that their shift in strategy could pay off.

When looking for the ultimate compromise between performance and excellence, the 2017 Subaru WRX and STI are both superior choices. If you are looking for a great performance sedan, the all wheel drive WRX is one of the best cars available.

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