What is the Subaru X-Mode?

November 14th, 2016 by

The Subaru X-Mode system is an advanced drivetrain technology that raises the bar on vehicle performance and safety. Found in select Subaru vehicles such as the Forester, Subaru X-Mode optimizes the symmetrical AWD drivetrain. Combining engine throttle, transmission shift points and the Vehicle Dynamics Control System, X-Mode makes Subaru’s AWD system even better.

Subaru X-Mode is perfect for navigating slippery or wet terrain, and even tackling harsh road conditions or weather. Designed to increase traction, performance and driver confidence the Subaru X-Mode is one of the best in its class. Want to learn what makes the X-Mode so unique and how it can increase your driving experience? Read all about it below.

Inside the Subaru X-Mode Driving system

Activating X-Mode – The driving system is activated when the driver pushes the switch located inside the driver console. From then the Subaru display will also show the real time adjustments made by the Subaru X-Mode. Some of the vitals on display will include steering angle, driving wheel status as it relates to Subaru’s Vehicle Dynamics Control System, and any activation of the ABS System as well.

Limited Slip Differential – Subaru’s electronically controlled LSD works with X-Mode to provide and deliver torque where it’s needed. The LSD found in X-Mode equipped Subaru’s allow the engine and transmission to react positively to provide optimum control and grip. This added assurance is just a flip of the switch away for drivers, which can boost confidence and performance all at once.

Increased traction – Subaru X-Mode also controls engine throttle to help eliminate wheelspin in slippery road conditions. By decreasing accelerator input automatically, the X-Mode system increases traction and control. Subaru X-Mode slowly opens the throttle to eliminate the chance of wheelspin and controlling delivery of torque.

Transmission shift points – When activated, the Subaru X-Mode system will keep the transmission in lower gears to optimize power and torque. The new transmission shift points and shifting pattern when X-Mode is activated will allow the driver to make the most of the power when it’s needed.

Symmetrical AWD – Already the cornerstone of Subaru performance, Subaru X-Mode kicks the all wheel drive system into overdrive. When activated, X-Mode increases the coupling force in both front and rear differentials. This increases traction and grip, especially throughout turns and under power.

Vehicle Dynamics Control System – Otherwise known as Subaru’s VDC system, is another extension of the electronic limited slip differential. When one side of the Subaru’s tires are slipping, the VDC system will apply the brakes to that side to help stop the slipping and increase traction. Being able to slow down and stop loss of traction can prevent any accidents or problems before they can occur. What does this mean to the driver? When the Subaru X-Mode is activated the LSD will work far more effectively because tire spin is under control.

The Subaru X-Mode safety system provides drivers with the level of safety and excellence they have come to expect from Subaru. Used properly traction is increased and driver safety and confidence is boosted. The X-Mode is found on Premium & above trim levels. Click Here to search our inventory.

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